Hello My friends and Family

I just wanted to let you know that I have set up a blog for those who are interested in the travels of Bill and Lois Lang.  I hope you enjoy!

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3 Responses to Hello My friends and Family

  1. OK. This is (maybe) the second time I try this. If you didn’t get the first write-up about the big otter and the SNOW and the HAWK OWL…
    Let me know…

  2. Interesting… The blog is telling me that my first comment is awaiting ‘moderation’… And just why should I be MODERATE when I prefer to be IMMODERATE?
    Moderators can be SO non-moderate…

    Only-Occasionally-Moderately yours,

  3. What the… I just looked at the time notation and where it’s 04:28 in SK, the bloody blog is saying 10:28… Hel’s Bells! (Hel: the gatekeeper to the Underground River Styx) Does your blog originate in Ice-land, Ire-land or Eng-land? Interesting…

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