Four days’ travel, stopping at Las Cruces, NM, Fort Stockton TX, Uvalde TX and finally Falcon State Park. The RV park in Uvalde was set amongst beautiful large oak trees.  We saw our darling Inca Doves pecking in the road nearby our trailer – the top photo for
this blog.  Excitement mounts!

The terrain has been changing from desert through to mountains with large pines (highest point 8330 ft) and much more greenery and more bird sightings.  Even our windshield has had bug marks – here’s a beautiful yellow butterfly which died (sadly) on our front grill (that’s the top of my face reflected under the Ford sign!).


We visited in Falcon State Park when we stayed in Mission a few years ago, but decided to stay in the park to avoid an hour and a half drive.  It was very cold when we arrived (high only 11 C) and very windy – not very pleasant.  Although the sun was bright and the kitties really enjoyed sitting in the sunshine, looking out the window.  Day 2 took us to Rio Grande City for an oil change for the truck.  It was also cold but not windy so we got the truck washed.

Finally on Wednesday it was a beautiful day and we went birding for the 1st time – SO MUCH FUN!!  36  new species just today!  We even visited the birding area where the Brown Jay is usually seen – however it didn’t  show up last year and hasn’t been seen so far this year.  Nonetheless, here are some bird photos – which pleases us immensely.


imageI think a Green Jay deserves 3 photos – such beautiful colors.  In the last, he’s tossing a seed in the air.


Even a brown bird can be pretty.  Long-billed Thrasher with dark breast stripes.


Also black is beautiful.  Great-tailed Grackes are as common as dirt.  They gather in huge masses to roost at sunset – sometimes with other black birds.  They have iridescent feathers on their head/neck, reflecting purple and green, with a bright white eye.  They’re about a foot and a half long from beak to tail – BIG!

Two woodpeckers showed up.


This  little Ladder-backed…


…and this Golden-fronted (which is very noisy).


Couldn’t resist these Inca Doves from the blog headding.  When they fly they are very different – showing bright rufous on upper wing-tips as well as under-wings with white outer tail feathers.  Striking how different they look flying – but hard to capture!


Our first orioles also showed up.  First this Altamira.


Then Audubon’s – how lovely!

It rained last night and part of this morning, so we walked around the campground in the afternoon.  Too cloudy for photos, but I found this wonbderful stick insect on the front tire of the truck.


Friday it rained a bit and was hot and muggy – high 29C.  Too hot for walking.  Saturday also hot and windy.  We clipped the girls’ claws and gave them the last of their de-worming pills.  Thank God that is over with!  Here they are in a more restful mode on the bed.


No birding today, so will post this!

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3 Responses to TX

  1. As usual, the photos are beautiful. Love the seed flipping one! And the girls look well settled in! 🙂

  2. P.S. It’s me San 🙂

    • birderspost says:

      I knew it was you San! Things are going well here – having a great time. Luckily I see you’ve had a break in the weather. Poor Jane couldn’t get her car up our hill for 2 days when the snow first fell! Love you, XO Lo

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