Headin’ west!

Feb. 10:  An uneventful drive to Slidell, LA.  We passed through a small part of Alabama, Mississippi & ended just a few miles north of New Orleans.

Feb. 11:  On to Beaumont, TX.  Another uneventful drive (which is what we’re hoping for!) with sunny skies.  Sometimes fairly windy, but doesn’t bother our Airstream!

Feb. 12 & 13:  Destination Waco, TX!  Instead of memories of David Koresh & the Branch Davidian debacle, this city now brings to mind the delightful Chip & Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper”.  We love this show on HGTV & record & watch it faithfully.  This is the only reason we stopped 2 days here.

On the way to Waco I spied the first narcissus of the spring – white ones!  Trees are sprouting catkins & a hint of green Here & there.  Ahhh – spring is coming!

So here we are in Waco, home of the famous movie stars, Chip & Joanna.  They are obviously a huge draw to the area, as you will see below.

feb 13-11

I came here to get my photo taken in front of the silos.  This is a shot from afar.

feb 13-5

feb 13-2feb 13-7feb 13-8Little did we realize what a draw this place would be (though we might have suspected).  It was lined up down the block!  We arrived around 11 AM on a Saturday, so that may have played a part.  There I am in the last photo in front of the silver car.

feb 13-9

And here I am in front of the sign.  Lots of folks were doing this – had to wait our turn to be on my own.

feb 13-1feb 13-10

A couple more shots  around Waco.


Here’s one of our intrepid photographer which I forgot about (taken with my iPhone.  A cold day with his new camera & lens on his “holster”.

Feb. 14:  On to Lubbock, TX.  It is a lot drier & we see clumps of prickly pear cactus here & there.  At our lunch rest stop past Abilene, we added a Ladder-backed Woodpecker to our list!  Birding at 70-70 mph isn’t easy.  The only birds we usually get are meadowlarks (could be Eastern or Western), crows, vultures, couple of Red-tailed Hawks – but added 3 Tundra Swans & a few skeins of Canada Geese!  There were many large fields of wind generators – a windy area obviously.  Fields of harvested cotton leaves white cotton puffs  in the field & alongside the highways.

Feb. 15:  Now into New Mexico!


imageThey have the brightest & most unusual licence plates in the US.  As far as I know, the only one which says New Mexico USA!  Our destination is near Albuquerque (such a great name with an interesting spelling!).  Just after we passed into New Mexico, near Melrose, Bill spied a Lesser Prairie Chicken on the side of the road!  I missed it, but kept my eye peeled & whadya know – I spotted 1 sitting up on an abandoned rail car!  This is a Lifer & only occurs in a small area near the eastern NM border!  I was so happy to spot 1, especially when I was sure it would only be added to Bill’s Lifer list!  Yippee!

As we got near our destination (Edgewood, NM) we spied a hill beside the road with snow amongst the trees!  First snow!  A long way away we could also see some higher mountains with snowy caps.  High today in Edgewood was 12.  Low tonight is 1.

Feb. 16:  Meteor Crater RV Park near Flagstaff, AZ.  A sunny, dry day for driving all along Interstate Hwy 40 all the way to this little out-of-the way place.  It is 6 miles from the actual crater (which we’ve never visited, & probably never will, because we’re too tired!).  A lovely clean RV park – as compared with the junk heap yesterday – yikes!  Discovered Dark-eyed Juncos in the park as well as House Finch which is new for the list!  We’re at 189!

Feb. 17:  It got down to freezing early this morning & we had to unhook the water last night – meaning Billy had to go out in the cold this morning & re-hook up.  No wind though, so not too bad.  A clear, sunny day into Las Vegas with high 27C!!  We’ve stayed here many times & have a week to get our heater fixed & do some birding.   We made all our appointments & phone calls, plus a trip to Camping World to get the part for our heater.  This KOA at Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino houses our favourite Mexican Resltaurant, Willy & Jose’s – Yay!  Out for dinner.

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