Not a lot higher…yet!

May 30th:  Here is our storage container in Maple Ck – about 1/3 full now.  Probably a couple more loads to take out.


This is Kelly (& Jay’s arm) as they have had to man-handle some of the really heavy stuff – what a great help they are to us!  Jay is our builder’s son & Kelly his other workman.  If we hadn’t had them, we would have had to hire someone for half an hour to come & do this.

We had had to wait until the cement “cured” for 3-4 weeks before building can continue upwards!  So things are at a stand-still right now.

In early June Steven Usher popped into town for work & we managed to get together for dinner with Mom & Jane.  He has a great hat which he put on Mom..  He is so much fun & we really had a hoot!

On June 21st it is Mom’s 97th birthday.  Robyn, Arnie & Jane held a party at their place to celebrate – along with David’s son, Ben – who turns 23 on July 13th!


Here are Arnie & Mom (she just loves him).  Pretty good for 97 eh?


Here are Robyn & Brian…


David, Omanthi (Ben’s gorgeous girlfriend) & Ben.


A really nice one of Katherine.  Unfortunately her boyfriend couldn’t come.


David, Katherine & Mom with her lemon cake & candles lit (Robyn had found Roman numerals:  L X X X X V I I -not the exact way it would’ve been written, but it worked!).  We were amazed that Mom blew out the candles in just a fraction of a second – we clapped mightily!


Ben had chocolate mousse with only 5 candles:  2 left candles represented 10 years each, then 3 others representing 1 yr each.


Here is Jane talking to Mom w/ Billy & Brian looking on.  It was a lovely event enjoyed by all.

July 5:  Took another load out & stayed overnight.  The drive is beautiful – so much rain on the prairies this summer so far.


The canola is in bloom & lighting up the landscape (taken out the window while moving at warp speed on the highway w/ phone – not Bill’s great stuff).


The build hasn’t gone far since last time, though the gravel has been filled in around the basement.  They’ve been working on finishing a large home in Cypress Hills.  But now’s our turn!


There was a small amount of concrete yet to be poured, which happened while we were there.

Had dinner w/ Penny & Wilf.  It’s always fun to hear the latest news – & they’re going on a river cruise starting in Holland next Tuesday!  All part of Penny’s 70th birthday (which is July 7th).  Wilf was organising a surprise party for her I think!


Here are she & Bill in front of their house – such lovely roses!  Doesn’t she look slim & beautiful!  She no longer wears glasses since she got her cataracts removed & has 20/20 vision in those baby blues now!


Last view of the property in the morning before we left.  The guys are putting the floor joists on.  Yay!

One further development (or non-development as the case may be) – we have taken our condo off the market.  The market it terrible at the moment, & we aren’t sure when our move-in date will be.  So we’ll put it back on the market next spring.


Steven & Fran Usher have successfully sold their long-time family home in Ashburn, ON – a beautiful heritage home.  So there are  other movers & shakers in the family!  Now there’s a happy note to end this post!

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