It’s a wrap!

It looked like things were going to end the way they started – and if you’ve read from the beginning, you’ll know what we mean! That sucker of a motor home went out kicking & screaming, just like she came in!

Our last evening out we ate at our favourite Mexican restaurant in Benson “Mi Casa” & had an excellent meal & a very enjoyable time bantering with the husband who is the waiter (the wife does all the cooking). A very tiny place with great food. When we returned to our RV we noticed the rental car was making a “click” like we’d picked up a stone – NO – it was a huge bolt. So next morning (luckily it stayed inflated) we drove to a tire place & had it fixed ($12, so no biggie).

Good thing we took 2 days to sort & pack. We didn’t get into Tucson until after lunch, then found out the government has put new restrictions in place to prevent us selling our “Canadian” RV (though built in the US) to the dealership here. Basically it took a whole 24 hours before we could get away, which was about 2 PM, Friday Mar. 29th. Just spend time sitting in the hotel room waiting for a phone call to say we could sign the papers and go. Got as far as Wickenburg, passing Hassayampa River Preserve where our SK birding buds just recently visited (can hardly wait to hear what they saw!). Just north of Helena we stopped to change drivers – and found a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD! So one more species to add to our total. Got back to Calgary around 1 PM Monday. Now to sell the car & wait for a return trip to pick up our Airstream trailer in Tucson the end of April!

That’s it for now. May do another blog next winter! Happy Spring everyone!


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2 Responses to It’s a wrap!

  1. JB says:

    Sorry you motorhoming experience was less than optimal but it was nice seeing all the pictures of some pretty neat birds. Now as we ride through the country we’ll be able to put them in slightly more specific categories, although big one, little one, carrion bird, and some kind of raptor has worked so far.

  2. birderspost says:

    Hey John, Finally had a moment to drop a note back to you. Been going full-tilt since we arrived back Monday at 1 PM. Also just read your “wrap” with the last trip to Lake Pleasant. Looked lovely. Starting to get a bit too hot for me down there (you too maybe) although a bit cool up here right now with more snow in the forecast. But as Sandy says the gulls are back, so there’s no turning back from spring now! Thanks for all the great work you did on your blog – it is really magnificent & far more advanced from my little effort. Your connections are just great & I’ve really enjoyed going into the photo albums. I think you are as passionate about horses as we are about birds & it sure makes life alot of fun eh? Safe trip home & maybe we’ll see you around!
    XO Lois

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