We’re baa-aack

Here it is fall 2013 & there are newsworthy items to report   before we continue with bird reports here in AZ.

Last April we made a quick trip to Tucson to pick up our new 28′ Airstream trailer.  This was done in a week, so very quick – unfortunately it precipitated more vehicle changes.  The huge SUV which we bought to tow the thing – well, it towed it fine – but the gas tank was so small we had to fill up every 3 hours or so!  This is not easy towing a long trailer, since most gas stations cannot accommodate this – so there was lots of shouting at each other as we tried to find a suitable place to stop.  Thus, we have acquired a new Truck!  Our dear cousin Wilf Parsons owns the Cyress Motors Ford dealership in Maple Creek (& Swift Current) SK – so we bought this beauty (Ford F250 diesel) – as well as another smaller car to toot around Calgary (Ford Fusion).

Truck with trailer


We were able to take a spring vacation to SK, visiting our friend Don in Broadview as well as a few weeks at Waskesiu & a quick visit with Moe & Marg.  All went well with our new Airstream & we couldn’t be more pleased with it!

Bill worked like a dog (so much for semi-retirement) since we returned near the end of June – while I spent lots of time with Mom.  She, Brian & I had a couple of jaunts – one to Primo’s on Vancouver Island (a gathering of the Larson side cousins):


…and one to Toronto to celebrate Aunty Betty Robson’s 90th birthday – such a blast!


Our plan to leave Nov. 1st from Canada presumed we would escape before the snow flew – unfortunately this was not the case.  Here is the view from our balcony a few days before we left:


Nonetheless, we headed off Nov. 30th, encountering more snow along the way.  Here is what showed up in the morning when we awoke in Brigham City UT:


Onward we carried visiting Kathryn & Suzi in Sedona near their abode.  We had a lovely meal & watched the sun go down on the picturesque red rocks viewed from the restaurant window (no photo of those unfortunately – but I have the beautiful girls!).


When we arrived in Cottonwood (near Sedona) our temperature was 21 C – YAY!  It had been single digits for most of the trek south to that point.  We are now in Patagonia, near Nogales & the Mexican border.  Highs are in the mid to high 20’s.

Our old cats once again have adapted to this gypsy lifestyle – although Tyrian is nearly completely blind (15 years old) & Sasha can still see a bit (he’s 13).  They are blind because of an antibiotic when they were sick – not a hereditary condition.  They are still pretty, we think:


All the previous photos are taken by me (Lois) with either my iPhone or iPad, hence not the greatest quality.  Just for the record.  Hopefully we’ll have some “real” photos from Bill soon!  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to We’re baa-aack

  1. JB says:

    Good to see you are back in the warm country. Hope the birding is all you are wishing for. We are heading for the Chiricahua’s for a ride there this weekend so we will be just over the hill, figuratively speaking, from you pretty soon.

    • birderspost says:

      Hi JB & Brenda!
      We too we’re wondering when you’d head south. Weather has been really nice last couple of days – a bit cooler than high 20’s. The Chiricahuas are one of our favourite ranges & we’ll be staying at Portal for about 3 weeks end of January. We’ll be keeping up to you throughout your adventures. Have fun!
      XO Lois (&’Bill)

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