Our last week at Bentsen Palm Village.

Feb. 20-21:  Extremely cool these last couple of days with high winds.  Not good for anything but working.

Feb. 22:  Now a hot, windy day, but instead of winds at 50 kpm, down to 20 kph.  High 30C – too hot for us!

Feb. 23-24:  Now down to a high of 6C, then 8C with clouds and high wind.  Just awful.  Didn’t go out.  Thought about San, who celebrated her BD on the 24th – look forward to going out for oysters with her when I return.

Feb. 25:  Had been going stir-crazy – so good to get out for a walk, just over to Bentsen.  It was a cool morning (7C), and a 25 kpm wind, but among the trees, it was protected.  At least it was sunny!  A few people were on the canal road watching for the Hook-billed Kite.  The guy was a birding guide from another place in TX (though originally from Duluth, MN).  He asked if we’d send him our photo of the bird – which we did.  Also told him where to find the E. Screech Owl, who was sunning himself in his little tree hole.

No photos that were really new, just an unidentified bird, which we’ve sent to friends to help us.  So far, looks like female Purple Finch is the concensus.

Feb. 26:  The coldest morning we’ve had here yet – 4C!  However, it was forecast to be 21C by the aft and pure sun.  So off to Estero.


Glory be – we found the Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, and so much closer than before.  The amazing thing though – it was singing its song!  Before it had only been giving its 2-note call.  Poor thing is probably looking for a mate, now that he’s found this excellent territory.  Sure hope a mate comes across the border!


The only other animal we came across before we headed back along the path was this bunny eating some of the new grass which has sprung up due to all the rain!

We stopped along the pond end enjoyed the ducks glowing in the sun.


How pretty is this  diverse little group of sleepers: L-R: Shovellerr, f. Cinnamon Teal, male CT and Green-winged Teal.  Three of them one-legged.  (The duck in front of the log is another f GWT)


This sleeping Blue-winged Teal looks interesting in that the white crescents on each side of his face make little pointy white eyebrows from this angle.

We did add another bird to our list – Purple Martin – but couldn’t get a shot, since it was flying away.


What we also saw flying high were Am. White Pelicans – this time along with a Turkey Vulture.

Up in the other area we  had no luck finding Tropical Parula, White-throated Thrush, Northern Beardless Tyranulet nor any of the orioles.  So we went off for lunch then over to Edinburg.


Nothing new here, but a close look at a Black and White Warbler.


On the deck at the same place this Red Admiral sunned itself, showing just a glimpse of the inside of its wings.

Had a glimpse of a female Indigo Bunting, but no photo.  Same for seeral other species.


We did however, find these tiny little daisies (about 1″ tall).  Billy obliged me with a flower photo.


Here is his shot of the waterfeature when we leave the garden.

Six hours on our feet was enough!  We went home where we took off   shoes and socks and put up our feet…ahhhhh!  Sweet relief!

Feb. 27: Another cool, wet day, so laundry was the order of the day.

Feb. 28: A few sunny breaks and a high of 21 gave us the option to get out for a walk.  Santa Ana was freezing cold (temp 4C = to the coldest morning ever here!).  We wore toques and gloves but were still cold!  Not much bird life, misty rain sometimes and high winds, even in the shelter of the trees!  No camera in this dim light!  Only a few of the regular birds, so nothing new.  Oh well, at least we got out!

Mar. 1:  This morning it was 9C!  Much better!  So we cleaned up the trailer, packed up a few things as a start for tomorrow, then set out in the aft for our last walk.  The sun came out and temp went up to 19C with calm winds!  Just gorgeous!


Some of the trees are acquiring their first hint of spring green.


A little Lincolnb Sparrow  was active at one of the blinds.


How lucky we felt to see an Olive Sparrow in more than one place!


With spring in the air, the thrashers were singing!  This Curve-billed was no exception.  The other day one was singing from our satellite dish on top of our trailer!

Now we leave TX, heading for AZ.  We did not have the nice weather we expected for the last 3 1/2 months, but with Bill working quite a bit, at least we didn’t miss out on much!  Our total number of species: 218.

We stop at 3 places on our way to Benson, where we’ll stay a few days and do some AZ birding.  Bye, bye TX!

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  1. Look forward to seeing you again Lo. You, Bill and the girls have a save and enjoyable trip home! ❤

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