Patagonia farewell…Amado hello!

One last trip down Harshaw Road to look for quail this morning – but no luck.  The people in the twin Airstream/truck combo (Bill is also his name by the way – another coincidence) asked a friend of theirs about finding the quail.  This person is a PhD Ornithologist & he said Harshaw Road is the place.  Not this time – but we’ll keep trying – they are in other locations also!  All we found was more lovely scenery, so here are a few photos for your enjoyment.






What a lovely day for a walk at The Nature Conservancy.  We wanted to see if any new birds had arrived – the answer was “not really”, but Bill finally had a look at a male Lazuli Bunting – he is so pretty in turquoise, rust & white.


A last stop at Paton’s yard to check the feeders.  A Gila Woodpecker.


Some Gambel’s Quail showed up – always in a group – but here’s a lovely male.


Our constant companions wherever we go in AZ in seem to be White-crowned Sparrows.


Now here’s a challenge for any birders out there – what are these little sparrows in the grass?


That’s it – Lark Sparrows!  Such a wonderful stay at Patagonia.  The quiet RV park where we got the dumplings from Xing (Mike’s wife) – had the excitement of an RV fire (without any damage to ourselves) – found a twin outfit to ours – & generally enjoyed our stay immensely.  We will come again if we’re this way!


Sunday we arrived in Amado – to our chosen site “72” where we felt we would get better WiFi reception (it is good!).  Getting settled & shopping for groceries took all day.  Monday we got out to Madera Canyon.  We met up with a young man, Alex from New Jersey, who was also looking for the Rufous-crowned Warbler.  We had no luck with that, but found a few more species for our list (now at 116).  Here are 2 shots of a Rock Wren (the 2nd one on the rock is especially for Alex, since this was a LIFER for him, & he wanted a rock wren on a rock!).  The other is a Ladder-backed Woodpecker, female, on a yucca seed pod.




We added Wild Turkeys at the feeders at the Madera Canyon Gift Shop & also what we’re pretty sure is a Magnificent Hummingbird at another nearby feeder.  This photo is Alex’s.


We hope to spend more time with Alex, if his schedule allows.  He is heading home Sunday.  Wednesday is a working day for Bill & laundry for me.

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